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Built in arXiv support

Tired of wrangling multiple arXiv PDFs and managing your library? We got you!
Smort renders the paper directly in markdown instead of a PDF. This allows us to offer first class annotation support and the ability to share your notes with friends.
You can also save your papers and build your reading library

Easily read & save Twitter threads

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We're just getting started. Lots more in the pipeline

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Edit an article using Markdown and also undo and redo edits. We support all your favorite Markdown syntax with keyboard shortcuts.


Multi-color highlight, inline notes, bold, italics, and strikethrough are all included! Margin comments are coming soon.

Save Articles

Build your library by saving articles you've annotated or wish to read later. Personalize your username and control sharing settings.

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Customize your reading environment. Select the font size, style and background theme. Your selection persists across articles.

arXiv support

Read arXiv papers natively in Smort and organize your paper libray. Say goodbye to downloading PDFs.


Your saved articles are only visible to you. Make articles private after sharing them.

Coming soon!

Browser extensions

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