Signal over Noise

Smort was created to let people easily annotate, share and save articles.

A lot of what we read online is cruft.

Smort runs a full fledged markdown editor that helps you cut through the noise.

Frequently asked questions

Is Smort free?

Yes, Smort is free to use!

What's your roadmap?

Apart from our upcoming features, we have lots of ideas!
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What kinds of articles are supported?

Smort can parse most articles but currently does not show interactive elements and embedded videos.
If an article does not render correctly, please contact us!

What's the story behind the name?

Smort was inspired by the memes

Our story

When I was a graduate student at the Language Technologies Institute at Carnegie Mellon, I found it hard to collaborate on articles and research papers and share my annotations. Existing tools like Mendeley were clunky and not easy to use. I wanted to make it easier to read arXiv papers and reduce the friction associated with sharing and annotation.

So I decided to build Smort to solve this problem I faced!